Vittoria Windisch Graetz: your friend in Rome, who has decided to share her pleasure in cooking, with a real selected public: she opens her house in Via Giulia  for the setting of her cooking lessons. “CHOOSE YOUR MENU” in internet.

Groups from 5 to 10 people will be brought around the best squares and markets in the centre of Rome, for the shopping. Then, the cooking lesson will start in a noble apartment in the center of Rome, surrounded by the most elegant atmosphere, with stunning view.

Vittoria will explain and show all the recipes necessary to organize the lunch with the chosen menu, will teach how to prepare the table, how to chose the right flowers for the decoration and the centre of the table, how to chose the best wines, but, mostly, how to become the real goddess of your house!

Every time, a professional guest, like the top ma^tre sommelier or the best flower decorator, will join the group, in order to support the work to be done and explain their specialities.

Everything will end up with a cosy and unique lunch all together.

An “antique” paper will be given at the end of the meal, as a souvenir of the amazing time spent together in Rome.

Menues available

Hors d’oeuvres

Almonds small puff-pastries
Small fried pizzas
Slices of bread with creamy cheese
Fois gras rolls en gelée
Quiche with courgettes
Eggs in gelatine

First Courses

Vittoria’s Tortellini
Rigatoni alla Carbonara
Spaghetti alla Amatriciana
Crepes cake
Lasagne with ragout
Mushrooms risotto
Small timbales with courgettes, mozzarella and saffron
Paccheri with crab and shellfishes

Second Courses

Slices of meat alla pizzaiola
Salmon Terjaki
Chicken galantine
Meat-loaf with different meats and vegetables
Meat timbale
Courgettes soufflé
Saltimboccca Roman way
Cordon bleues with cheese and mushrooms


Baked potatoes with cheese
Mix of  vegetables sautées
Fennel, pears and radicchio salad


Strawberries with balsamic vinegar sauce
Vanilla soufflé with orange sauce
Tart with Roman ricotta
Tart with Egg-custard and pine-seeds or rasberries
Creamy meringues
Ananas Tarte tatin

BOOKING : One week in advance
TIMING : From 10.30 to 15.30

COSTS : Euro 250 each guest, plus Euro 50 per recipe revealed if requested
                     Included : shopping, cooking lessons, special items lessons, locations, unforgettable
                     Lunch, final paper.

Special menues will be conceived for vegetarians and any other diet and food request.
Groups of men also accepted.
Possible dinners available.